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Nibiru and Dream continuation

posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 09:14 AM
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Originally posted by DJM8507
I had a dream that essentially showed a major disaster the night before last.

This is the interpretation and mystery of your dream. By: estimatedprohet

I remember sitting in a room with a bunch of people I didn't know in a very nice house. We were on the second floor that offered views of the land out of one side and the ocean on the other.
Please Read These Verses From The Holy Bible, So That You Can Have A Biblical Interpretation And To Understand About What Is Going To Happen Soon!
(Isaiah 13:6-13, and 24:0-23, Haggai 2:21-22, Matthew 24:0-51, Mark 13:0-37, Luke 17:0-37 and 21:5-37, Hebrews 12:25-29, Revelation 6:12-17,)

We were sitting on the couches, talking, laughing, drinking, eating finger foods and just enjoying one another's company. Suddenly everything shook gently left, right, up down, side to side then it got worse and worse. Suddenly we heard a loud, nearly deafening rumble and what sounded almost like a sonic boom.
In this part of your vision, everyone is having a good time, eating and drinking and very oblivious, of what is about to happen to the land and to the entire earth! (just like in the days of Noah, when he warned everyone to get ready because there was a coming destruction upon the land, and no one lessened and that is exactly what is going to happen to this generation very soon/now, during these "End Times!")

At that moment, everything went into slow motion and everyone was thrown into the air, and we were all flung against a wall. I remember looking into the eyes of these other people as their bodies slammed against the walls of the house, semi-splattering with blood and debris flying everywhere almost appearing weightless
The cause of all of this devastation happening at that time is because the approaching "planet," which is the (Kingdom of God) coming fourth, to bring wrath and judgment on the face of thee earth! Upon it's arrival the earth will tilt and wobble and the heavens will shake and the stars shall fall from the sky to thee earth!

I looked out the window at the land and it literally looked like water, rolling waves. Everything was being thrown into the air, moving randomly, in a chaotic way, the debris getting thicker and thicker. While out the other window, the water itself filled the entire view, as I could see nothing but dark water out of it.
The cataclysmic pole shift will start as soon as the Kingdom of the Lord draws nearer to earth, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and water levels to rise everywhere!

The house disintegrated and it almost looked like the ground under the house had flown away at a high rate of speed, leaving debris of the house in mid-air.
The poles will shift so fast that many things in the ground will seem chaotic. This is simply caused by the land shifting so fast beneath your feet, that it will appear as the heavens opened, (space) and that is where you get your flouting or flying affect in the air! (In the bible it quotes, and the sky receded like a scroll!)

I viewed this all in slow-motion, like I was hovering in mid-air, and i remember looking at the stars, as the roof was now gone, and they were whirring by quickly.
As the Kingdom approaches even closer, there will be a humming or vibrating sound that will be heard throughout the world and the stars will be visible but they will quickly grow dim because of all the smoke coming fourth from thee earth!

Before I awoke I heard a very light, quiet voice say "The earth wobbled, it turned."
(Very vivid, very intense dream. What do you think?)
(You heard the voice of God, proclaiming His word!)
This is a real apocalyptic prophetic dream, that you had and soon after reading your thread, I had to post this to interpret the vision for you and for all, to see, both the believers and nonbelievers, because we are at the "End of Days" and I am hoping that you can all understand of what is really going on and what is about to happen to this world very soon!
So please I would like to urge you to please, worship God and His Christ Jesus because they are coming very soon and I mean that, they are already at the door!
To all the people that heard preachers and pastors and false prophets speaking about the good news, it is all lies, for the coming of God will shake thee earth and burn it like a furnace!
If you are in sin, go to Him in sin, the way that you are, and worship Him because He loves you and He will forgive you with His grace, and mercy, and by doing this He shall give you eternal life, forever and ever!! "Amen!"

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